About Us

Theobroma Cacao is an independent chocolatier, specialising in handmade chocolates using ethically sourced cacao and premium natural ingredients.

We don’t mass produce chocolates. Instead, each chocolate in our range is uniquely handcrafted to order, using traditional techniques that demand the utmost care, time and attention and therefore result in a superior chocolate.

When you place an order with us, be it for one of our stock flavours or a personalised chocolate for an event, your chocolates will always be prepared fresh by hand each time, and never mass produced or machine manufactured. We are proud to use sustainable packaging, compostable where possible but at least recyclable.

The depth of flavour, quality of finish and end taste will all be worth it (just read our testimonials if you’re in any doubt).

Along with moulded chocolates, petit fours and chocolate truffles in a variety of flavours, we offer personalised chocolates for weddings, corporate gifts, hospitality and events, as well as raw chocolate bars and vegan chocolates using plant-based ingredients.

We don’t use preservatives in our chocolates, but they still have a good best before date which we achieve by using essential oils and sealing both our moulded chocolates and truffles.

We renamed the business Theobroma Cacao Chocolate Limited (previously Chocablock Limited) in 2020 and changed our packaging to upgrade to a more sustainable, high end product and eliminate plastics. Theobroma Cacao is the Ancient Greek name for the cocoa tree and literally translated means ‘Food of the Gods’! We felt this more appropriate and a better reflection of the quality of our chocolates.

We sell online and can post across the U.K. (£3.95) and the world (rates vary).

We can include a personal message with the delivery.

Whatever the occasion, whether it be personal, an event, wedding or corporate purchase we can brand our petit fours (cups) with any message, JPEG image(s) or photograph(s) making them truly unique. An additional charge is made to cover the outsourced images and extra work of just £5+, depending on the size of the order and the amount of different images.

Whatever your budget we’ll have something to suit you. We’ve tried to make the ordering process as easy as possible and our new cocoa shell boxes are available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Our Chocolatiers choice option will provide you with the very best, a mixture of moulded chocolates, truffles and petit fours. If there’s a flavour you particularly want or want to avoid this can be stated when ordering. We do our best but it may not be possible to have every flavour in stock every time. Each time we make a different flavour we have to make 35 of them so we’ll try to supply what you want but there may be times, especially during busy periods where it’s not possible and we’ll have to provide similar flavours.

When ordering please state if your purchase is for an occasion (we have a variety of ribbons) and, where possible, we can include a relevant chocolate , for example with ‘Happy Birthday’ on.

Charity Raffle Chocolates! We can make, brand with a charity logo and individually box chocolates for your fundraising. We’ve raised thousands of pounds over the last few years. Each chocolate’s consectutvely numbered and replaces the normal ticket. The chocolates have been sold for anything between £5 – £20 each. We can make, brand and box them for £2.25 each so the rest is profit. The Brain Tumour Trust raised £7000 in 5 minutes the first time we did it. Please contact us for further details.

Please contact me directly if you have any further queries or if there’s anything you want to discuss at info@theobromacacao.co.uk

Many thanks, regards Mick Collins. Director/Chocolatier Theobroma Cacao Chocolate Limited.