Charity Raffle Chocolates

Calling All Charities!

At Theobroma Cacao, we’ve raised thousands of pounds with our novel charity raffle chocolates which take place of a raffle ticket. They are consecutively numbered, as is the box. We can make the chocolate, brand it with your logo and box it for £2.50. Good causes have then sold them to raise much needed funds for between £2.50 and £20. It beats rattling a tin on a cold winter’s day outside a supermarket! The chocolates can also be auctioned.


The Brain Tumour Trust netted £6000 the first time we tried it! All you need to do is send us a JPEG image of your logo and we do the rest. We’re proud of the funds we’ve raised for numerous charities and worthy causes. If you feel these may benefit your organisation, please contact us for further information. All you need is a prize or experience of some sort.