Stock Chocolate Flavours

Only the finest natural ingredients, hand selected for provenance and sourced from ethical producers, enhance the flavours of our bespoke handmade chocolates – a commitment to quality that shines through in the taste.

Apple & Pear Milk Chocolate

Juicy apples and ripened pear provide a taste of English country gardens in this light and moreish fruit-infused milk chocolate.

Caramel Milk Chocolate

Exquisitely smooth and buttery, this delectable milk chocolate enhanced with warming caramel delivers a satisfying hit of sweetness.

Salted caramel 
Milk Chocolate

Balancing the perfect ratio of salt to sumptuous caramel this classic sweet and savoury pairing delivers a double punch of umami flavour.

 Milk Chocolate

With notes of caramel, vanilla and prune, complementing milk chocolatey sweetness, our maple is a perfect marriage of rich and light flavours.

Sticky Toffee
 Milk Chocolate

Rich, indulgent and utterly delicious, our milk chocolate sticky toffee is as satisfying as the hot pudding it takes its name from.

Mint Dark Chocolate

Refreshing mint and intense cacao pack an antioxidant punch in this classic marriage of mint and dark chocolate.

 Dark Chocolate

A taste of the tropics; our dark chocolate coconut is sure to transport you to faraway shores with each sunshine infused bite.

 Dark Chocolate

Sweet, warm and with a subtle intensity, this aromatic dark chocolate infused with heady cinnamon spice is like a taste of Christmas.

 Dark Chocolate

One for lovers of intense and slightly bitter chocolate, our antioxidant rich plain dark is made from the finest ethically-sourced cacao.

 Ruby Chocolate

Zesty orange adds a sweet citrus zing to the berry notes, found naturally in ruby chocolate, in this tropical marriage of fruity flavours.

 Ruby Chocolate

With a juicy strawberry tartness complementing our sweeter ruby chocolate, this is a masterful pairing of sweetness and acidity, pure sweet very berry!

Forest Fruits
 Ruby Chocolate

Sweetness, juiciness and sourness all sing in perfect harmony as ruby chocolate is infused with the natural tartness of forest fruits.

White Chocolate

The perfect balance of sweet and sharpness, our white chocolate raspberry will have your taste buds doing somersaults.

Lemon & Lime 
White Chocolate

Citrusy and zingy this fruity combination of lemon and lime introduces a welcome sour note against sweet white chocolate.

 White Chocolate

No need to pop the corks. This luxurious pairing of champagne with white chocolate is rich, decadent and bursting with champagne flavour.

Passion Fruit
 White Chocolate

Vibrant passion fruit perfume adds tropical fruitiness to sweet white chocolate, evoking thoughts of swaying palms and sparkling seas.

Dark Pusser’s Rum
 Pussers Rum Truffles

Notes of molasses, treacle, nutmeg and ginger harmoniously balance in this inspired marriage of rich dark chocolate and dark Pusser’s Rum.