Why Handmade Chocolates Are Better Than Commercial?

About Chocolates

Chocolates are natural food products offering the consumer wonderful taste sensations that no other product can provide. It is attractively presented and skillfully crafted, so the flavour of the chocolate is complemented by natural and fresh ingredients.

Cocoa Beans VS Cocoa Butter

Chocolate is a sweetened food, produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma Cacao tree. Therefore, cocoa beans, from which fine chocolate is produced, grow in the tropical climates of Africa, South America and parts of Asia. They are harvested twice a year to produce the raw products that makes chocolate. Which one gives you the best chocolate you say? Without any doubt, the natural cocoa beans that are grown.

Homemade VS Commercial Chocolates

The difference between homemade chocolate and commercial chocolate is in the ingredients used. Homemade chocolate is made with natural and high quality ingredients with no artificial preservatives, therefore it stays fresh. For example, here at Theobroma Cacao, we specialise in handmade chocolates using ethically sourced cacao and premium natural ingredients. Each chocolate in our range is uniquely handcrafted to order, using¬†traditional techniques that results in a far superior quality. Like with our raw chocolate bars and vegan chocolates, we use plant-based ingredients. The chocolates we make will always be prepared fresh by hand each time and never mass produced or machine manufactured. As for the commerical, it is made with artificial ingredients and preservatives to keep a low cost and of course, it won’t stay fresh too long.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, fine handmade is better than commercial because of the few ingredients that are listed in the chocolate and they’re more likely to be of higher quality. Fine chocolate requires more time and care for it’s production. Not to mention that fine handmade chocolate is also healthier for you than commercial chocolate. For example, At Theobroma Cacao, we handcraft the best high quality dark chocolate and use natural ingredients for our chocolates. Dark chocolate is rich in powerful antioxidents way more than other types of food. Chocolates are highly nutritious but with heat processing artisan chocolates are likely to have more nutrients retained than commercial chocolate.